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On Yordan Palezhev's Book The Lawyers of Ruse, the Life of a Profession in Documents

The book is dedicated to the celebration of the 130-year history of Ruse Bar and the 100 anniversary of Ruse Bar Council.


Ruse Bar deserves this book, as it is an integral part of the big family of European lawyers, and its deep Bulgarian roots raise it as the bearer of immense moral and legal values. Free but not useless for its clients, the Ruse Bar has dedicated itself to the society but without being dependent on it. Without any servility, the Ruse Bar strengthens its position continuously without losing any of its freely won rights. The people who have dedicated themselves to the lawyer's profession rebut all the useless details in favour of the established virtues and they know that this profession makes the person noble without being of such an origin, rich without possessions, socially high-standing without position and happy without the interference of luck.

As the author himself says, this book is the first attempt to study the activity of generations of lawyers who have bounded their profession and life to Ruse.

The main sources of information about the Bar, which the author has used, are newspapers, magazines and the official State Gazette for the period before the establishment of Ruse Bar Council, and after that - the archive of the Council. Documents from the Public Records in Ruse, from Lyuben Karavelov Library, from St. St. Cyril and Methodius National Library and the personal archive of the author have been used.


Personalities and acts from the distant past are mainly shown. Led by the belief that the archives are the most important witnesses, the intellectual Yordan Palezhev refers continuously to them with a certain local patriotism, as the names of the famous Ruse lawyers Toma A. Kardzhiev, Georgi Gubidelnikov, Nayden Kirov, Petar Karaminchev, Dragomir Apostolov, Ivan Neshev, Stancho Neshev, Dimitar Mantov are connected to the significant social and political events like the dethronement of Royal Prince Alexander I Battenberg and the revolt of the Russophiles, the massacre of the leftists in 1925, the trials of the National Court, the merciless regulations of Art. 58 from the new Bar Act.


The famous lawyers Dencho Ts. Luchnikov, Ivan Samardzhiev, Stefan Pobornikov, Yanko Iv. Popov are considered the unifiers of the Bar and the defenders of its prestige.


The book contains new and curious facts about several eminent Bulgarian lawyers and political leaders - Vasil Radoslavov and Dimitar K. Vachkov who graduated the Heidelberg University; Konstantin Panayotov who got his law education in Odessa, Venelin Ganev who studied law, philosophy and music in Geneva, the satirist poet Stoyan Mihaylovski, etc.


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