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Our clients are not only the small and medium enterprises, which start their activity in the country or abroad, but also big companies, financial institutions and social organisations.


Bigger part of our clients are companies specialising mainly in the field of commerce, together with companies working in the field of manufacturing, transport and communications, including internet providers, as well as companies providing services in different fields.


Some of our clients are foreign legal entities and natural persons, mainly Romanian, who need the legal advices of our experts on legal matters concerning their activity in Bulgaria or the Bulgarian legislation and justice. Big part of the Bulgarian companies that make or intend to make business in neighbouring Romania also use the legal services of our office not only when there are good conditions for their business development, but also in times of market crisis, when their receivables shall be duly and successfully protected. The services of our office are used not only by legal entities but also by Bulgarian nationals seeking legal assistance and advice on the protection of their ownership rights concerning real estates owned or inherited by them in Romania, as well as by Romanians concerning their real estates in Bulgaria.


Our office receives the assistance of lawyers from famous lawyers' offices in Bucharest and other big cities in out north neighbouring country when qualified assistance in the protection of the rights of Bulgarian legal entities and natural persons in Romania is needed.


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